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04 October, 2015
Do Ergonomic Keyboards Really Help Carpal Tunnel

Cases of moderate to severe carpal tunnel syndrome, also known as CTS, seem to be on the rise, and this is often attributed to the billions of people using keyboards throughout the year. Some of the most popular options to battle this medical condition is the use of ergonomic keyboards, but many are skeptical about how effective these products are.

The first thing to understand is what ergonomics truly are and how this buzzword has become a mainstay within the fields of (More…)

What to Consider When Choosing a Printer

A printer is no longer a device that is considered a luxury. It is a necessity as many people can enjoy the convenience of printing important documents and doing even more from the comfort of their own home. This frees them up from having to wait until they get to their work office or visiting a local print shop, where they will have to spend money they could otherwise save. Of course, when you are looking for a new printer, there are certain details you (More…)

Easy Steps to a Digital Filing System

Although people have been filing business papers away in filing cabinets and folders for many years now, it is time to give up this old-fashioned way of keeping up with important documents if you haven’t already. Although the thought of refiling your paperwork online might seem overwhelming, you can follow these quick and easy steps in order to have a paperless and convenient filing system right at your fingertips.

1. Find the right program for your digital filing system. There are plenty of programs out there (More…)

Smartphones Getting a Whole Lot Smarter

The portable phone certainly has come a long way since its initial inception. Typically they are now called smartphones and there is a good reason for that. Pretty much with a good, clear wireless internet service, you can do almost anything on a smartphone and the applications have only continued to improve in recent years. Sure, the phones still perform their basic function in allowing voice to voice communication, but they also allow for so much more like browsing the internet, booking flights, calling a cab and even letting you play your favorite video games while on the move.

However, recently there has been a new application championed for the smartphone that actually allows users to pay for things using their smartphone. We aren’t talking about ordering things with your smartphone which has been a staple in the devices functionality since day one, we are talking about the ability to swipe, tap, or move the phone near any cash register and pay for your coffee, book, clothing or whatever just as easily as you would if you just handed the cashier your debit card. While the technology is still in its infancy, it looks like the smartphone is about to get a whole lot smarter.

How to go Wireless in Your Own Home

If you want to be able to go wireless in your home without having to resort to using a landline or service that actually runs directly from your home to a large business, you need to invest time and money into saving up a bit of cash for your own personal Wi-Fi. The great thing about having a Wi-Fi that you can bring anywhere, and also that you can set up in your home and password protect, is (More…)

Preschools Get on Board with the Information Age

Technology plays a huge role in the way the world operates today. Children as young as preschool age are learning to use technology as a head start for their future school careers and ultimately life. Much of today’s technology is visually based. The human brain prefers visual stimulation, making technology attractive to younger children. Being able to get a child to learn while stimulating their visual perception is ideal.

Computers let a child remain in control of their actions and surroundings while stimulating (More…)

Five Hot Apps That Will Change Your Life

Those who own smart phones know that applications are one of the most popular features that users can take advantage of. Many apps make it easier to schedule our days, track our progress in different activities, and to keep up with the latest happenings around the world. These next five apps each have something special that millions of people around the world are taking advantage of.

1. While some may not feel that this is as important as others, The Weather Channel app for smart phones can be a real life changer. Through here, (More…)

Getting the Most From Your Smart Phone

In the 1990′s, cellular phones were the next big thing. You could call anyone, anywhere and that was something that had never been done before. Today, just about everybody has a cellular phone that not only makes phone calls, but also sends text messages and even email. What many people do not realize is that they are not using their smartphone to its fullest potential. They may be using most of the features but most are not using all of the features. Keep reading to find out ways to (More…)

Interactive Gaming Takes Training to the Next Level

One of the most interesting developments that has come out of the video game revolution is training purposes. Whether it is for flights, the army, or even trucking, video games have changed the way training is done. Instead of getting pilots into the cockpits and sending them on their way, flight simulators and software have been designed to help ease that transition. Some of these programs are even used by NASA to train astronauts on everything they (More…)